•  Modular and  Open  Architecture,
•  Operator independent operation,
•  Camera  independent (ONVIF compliant), 
•  Recording  Platform  independent (ONVIF compliant), 
•  Smart Video Analytics;
-  Direction,  Size,  Speed and Time, 
•  Real-time  messaging  infrastructure, 
•  Smart  Rule-based  Alarm  Management  infrastructure, effective  and  low false alarm  rates. 
•  Video Analytics  from  recorded  video, 
•  Geographical  Information System, 
•  Display of threat at real  geographical  coordinates, 
•  Real-time system and sensor monitoring,
•  Possible to  integrate different sensors,
-  Smart Video Analytics  Integration, 
-  Fiber Optic Sensor Integration, 
-  Motion  Detection  Sensor (Sezgi) Integration,
 -  Ground Surveillance  Radar Integration, 
-  Diver Detection  Sonar Integration.



Görsen  product  family  is  used  for  critical  facilities  and  border approaching  region  for  all  weather  conditions,  reliable  and  precise pedestrian/vehicle detection  and  identification.
•  All  weather conditions detection and  identification  options, 
•  VNIR,  SWIR  and  Multi-Spectral  camera  options, 
•  Smart signal  processing techniques  high quality imaging, 
•  ONVIF (Profile S) compliant,
•  Unicast and  Multicast mode supports, 
•  PELCO-D  compliant PTZ  (pan-tilt-zoom) platform  usage.


Sezgi  is  a  motion  detection  sensor family.  It is  used  for critical  facilities and  border approaching  region  for all  weather conditions,  reliable  and precise pedestrian/vehicle/drone detection.
•  Different versions  have  detection  capability  for  pedestrian/vehicle/ drone  in  range of 150 -  1300 meters.
•  Multiple target tracking, 
•  Low false alarm  rates  with  Smart signal  processing techniques,
•  Integration  with  third  party systems. 
•  Easy deployment and  integration.


IŞINIM x-ray scanner family offers operator frendly products that are used for scanning materials in different sizes such as luggage, bags, packages and envelopes. These scanners have the highest level thread detection capability with a detailed clear view.

. Organic / Inorganşc differentation

. Digital image

. Multilanguage option

. Optional network connection