We, as HTR, believe that our strategies for producing and developing Domestic and National Products / Services / Systems in the Defense, Security and Information sectors with our specialized in the field, innovative, competitive, cost-quality-time-performance-oriented companies can be achieved by means of a strong communication and coordination of supply chain management.

Therefore we use our "SUBCONTRACTOR Management System" based on Collaboration and Strong Cooperation approach.


Our subcontractor assessment process is managed in seven stages.

• Application / Pre- Assessment,

• Recording by sending Pre-Assessment Approval Supplier Question list and requesting listed information and documents,

• Administrative-Quality and Technical Evaluation,

• Scoring / Classification,

• Evaluation Analysis Report,

• Tender Process / Company Selection/ Cooperation / Contract

• General Performance Evaluation,

We believe that it is important to examine the activities carried out within the body of HTR and to evaluate the suitability of your fields of activity with HTR’s activities before making a pre-application to HTR SUBCONTRACTOR ASSESSMENT PROCESS on our website. In this context, all or some of the  following stages will be applied in order to record and evaluate your competencies and capabilities to create efficient collaborations:

Subcontractor/Supplier Application and Pre-Evaluation:  Companies not registered in the system have to declare that they want to be included in HTR Approved Subcontractor System while sending the filled Subcontractor Pre-Assessment Application Form and their corporate presentation to After the evaluation of applications, Subcontractor Pre-Assessment Question List will be sent to companies of which activity fields are in accordance with HTR’s. Companies have to complete the pre-evaluation application process by filling the information requested in the Subcontractor Pre-Assessment Question List and approving it. HTR may contact separately in case of a need for detailed information regarding the company’s answers. Companies scoring totally 50 or more points out of 100 points in the preliminary evaluation process and deemed as appropriate in terms of activity fields will be approved. Audit Plan will be sent to such companies.

Company Visit for Survey: In line with the information filled in by your company, HTR personnel and/or an Independent Audit Firm authorized by HTR will evaluate the Administrative, Quality and Technical implementations of your company. As a result of this evaluation an Evaluation Analysis report will be prepared over total of 100 points in accordance with the information, documentation, resources and competencies provided by your company within classification of A-B-C-D groups. None of the information and documents provided by your company during these processes will not be shared with third parties. They will be saved as "COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIAL". These processes will not put your company and / or HTR under any obligation and do not contain any commitment.

In order to join the HTR APPROVED SUBWAYS System, you can send your request to