(Access Control System) Software

Geçiş kontrol sistemi görsel

GKS Software is a flexible software that can effectively manage access control systems with its sub-modules and integration capability. Access Control System which is developed by HTR, provides full efficiency on security solutions.

General Features

  • Compatible TCP/IP readers such as Mifare, Tübitak AKIS, etc.
  • Authorization, control, alarm generation, reporting features can be configured with its modular structure according to the requirements of the facility.
  • ERP integration capability.

Smart Card Reader Product Family

Smart Card Readers has the qualifications to respond to the different applications of military, public and private sector. It provides system solutions that can be customized according to customer requirements.

General Qualifications

  • Mifare and Tübitak AKİS ticket reading system integration,
  • Advanced Security Protocols (SAM, TPM, TLS Support),
  • Online / Offline working support.

Smart Card Reader Product Family

  • Card Reader with Display
  • Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader

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